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 On the wider, and then universal, scale we are part of the local, or particular church, the Diocese of Salford, and with our bishop we are in communion with the Pope, the Bishop of Rome.

Our communion is not, however, just with Rome, but with all the dioceses, or local churches, of the world. We are united with people in countries far and wide, rich and poor, in peace or at war; one with people beyond the divisions of race and nation. All of us are called to allow the Holy Spirit to make us, universally, “one body, one spirit in Christ”. 


To visit the official site of Salford Diocese

This is the Official Website of the Salford Diocese, giving information about the various Departments of the Diocesan Curia and their roles with addresses and telephone numbers of diocesan offices. It also offers a diocesan perspective to much that is happening in the wider church and in parishes.



For the Conference of Catholic Bishops of England and Wales

This is the Official Website of the Catholic Church for England and Wales  It includes information about the Conference of Bishops of England and Wales, and the Departments with special responsibility for certain aspects of the life of the Church in this land, It offers links giving access to all their diocesan web-sites. It also offers comment on news items, home and abroad.


 To visit the Official site of the Vatican

 This is the official site of the Vatican It contains an enormous amount of information – about the Pope and previous popes, about Papal Liturgical Services, the offices or Congregations of the Curia and the many other offices and services on hand to assist the Pope in the administration of the Church.




Catholic Papers.

We are blessed in this country with three very reputable Catholic Newspapers.

Just a click away 
- You will find news of what is happening within the Catholic Church - locally, nationally and universally. 
- You will be able to read what Pope Francis has said in his latest homilies or addresses.
- You will find comment from a Catholic perspective on all manner of current issues.


--- Catholic Herald – a weekly paper of Catholic News and Opinion.



--- The Tablet – an International Catholic weekly Newspaper   


--- The Universe – a weekly paper of Catholic News and Opinion