Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Bolton

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John - included in Years A - C

The Gospel according to John was written about thirty years after the other three and is quite different from them. Towards the end of the Gospel John tells us "There were many other signs that Jesus worked. These are recorded so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing this you may have life through his name". He is not writing a biography but he is not writing fiction either. He is talking about a real person with a real name, Jesus. When the apostles spoke of Jesus they were speaking of someone they had known and talked with and eaten with and walked with. Now John is writing to show that this same Jesus is the Christ, the very Word of God made flesh, the perfect revelation of God; the eternal Son of God living in our midst, bringing us life and light. For this purpose he has selected only some events and miracles of Jesus which he presents as ‘signs’, expressions of an inner reality which went far beyond the bounds of human experience. Many people in Palestine saw and heard Jesus but failed to believe in him. What is important is to go  beyond the physical realities and to grasp something of the inner meaning. With a profound faith and after years of prayerful reflection John fills out for us this inner meaning so that, in faith, we too may recognize that in Christ the life of God is open to all; that he is Bread from heaven bringing new life; that he is Light come among us to overcome the darkness of the world; that in his Passion, Death and Resurrection Jesus glorifies God and draws us to himself. John's Gospel is profound, and it needs and repays careful reading and prayerful reflection